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web Sam Chas 10-25-02 bass2.jpg (45545 bytes)

Sam Shurba holds upp a nice Striped Bass released under the Williamsburg Bridge

Long time New Milford NJ Friend Bob Hussey releases a striper in the East River.

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Gale Inwood and her dad in June of 2004

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web P1010165.JPG (52739 bytes)

Gale's dad had a great time on the river.

Outdoor Writer Phil Shook joined with me for the CCA   Manhattan Cup Tournament in April of 2004. 

Primarily a fly fisherman, Phil was quite surprised at the amount of striped bass that were available from in and around Manhattan.

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web CCA04-7.JPG (51637 bytes)

Also fishing with Phil Shook and I for the CCA Manhattan  cup was  David Delibonte, outdoor writer for Field and Stream Magazine.

Here Dave nets a nice striped bass for Phil.

Dave managed to pick up five striped bass during the Manhattan Cup.

April 2004

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Barry Davis web 23lb 10-03.JPG (37321 bytes)

HRFA member Barry Davis Fished with Chas in late October 2003

Here Barry releases a nice 23 pound striped bass in the East River NYC


Dan Harrison holds up a nice bass released in October of 2005

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roger 20lb 10-03 web.jpg (30126 bytes)

HRFA member Roger Muller Holds up a nice striper caught at the tip of the Battery in NYC Harbor in September of 2003


Kelsey Marie Muller, age 11 and Taylor Katie Muller, age 7 both made their dad proud with bringing in a number of striped bass and bluefish on their own.

web kelsy-taylor muller.JPG (41833 bytes)

chas & taylor 9-03.jpg (19963 bytes)


Joe C striper.jpg (25730 bytes)

HRFA member Joe Curvino hooks up with a nice sized Striper "On the Charlie Rig!"


HRFA member,Joe holds up a nice 30 pound bass released in the spring of 2003

Joe 30 lb bass 5-18-03.JPG (35528 bytes)



Long time fishing partner with Chas, Norm Andreasen holds up a nice East River bass.

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web Chas Weak 8-03.jpg (41686 bytes) Weakfish in the Hudson



Nick M 10-6-02 web.jpg (36923 bytes)

HRFA member Nick Mennona releases a nice striped bass with Chas.


HRFA member Ken Carson with a nice East River Striper!

Ken striper2 9-03.JPG (47974 bytes)



janetbass.jpg (36774 bytes)
Janet releases a nice one on the East River
Jimweak2.jpg (28705 bytes) kenbass2.jpg (28115 bytes)
Jim Steel lands a nice Weakfish on the Flats. Kenny C. with a nice East River Striped Bass