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East River Fishing    NYC!

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One of my very favorite places to fish in the world.  

No kidding!  The East River NYC.

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43 Pound 45 inch Striped Bass East River NYC 2004

This 43 pound bass came in at 45 inches on June 5, 2004. The fish had a 12 inch sturgeon in it's belly.  I tried to revive this fish for close to one hour without success.  Felt bad about that.  It went to the table.



18 Pound Striped Bass


This fish was caught and released from the East River in NYC 2003.

The fish was caught off the bottom using a Charlie Rig.

I like using this bait as it is never deep hooked.  It catches everything from Stripers, to Blues to Weakfish.

My wife!  Doris Stamm releases a nice 15 pound 35 inch Bass

East River NYC 

What else...a

Charlie Rig!


19 Pound Bluefish!


What a Fish!   This 19 pound bluefish came off the bottom in about 30 feet of water.  the fish was caught on a "Charlie Rig" in front of Gracie Mansion. 

The "Charlie Rig" is a sandworm and rubber worm combo.  The rubber worm is a 11 inch, black with red fire tail Mr. Twister. 

The red fire tails gets the attention, the worm gives off the smell, and it "Just looks so Damn Tasty!" Says Chas

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Chas shows off a 22 pound striper in front of Gracie Mansion in the East River. 

This was in during the October run.  Note the layers of clothes that do not appear during the spring run photo below!
The fish was released just after this photo.

Bait: Charlie Rig


Sam Shurba and Chas hold up a nice striped bass released in the East River in the fall

Bait: Charlie Rig


HRFA member Paul Andreasen and Chas hold up a nice 24 pound striped bass just before releasing the fish back in to the river.

This fish was just a little too big for Paul to hold up by himself.

Bait: Live Eels

Bluefish are such hard fighting fish.  So Strong!

This great fighter was caught and released just under the Williamsburg Bridge bridge in the background.

Bait: Charlie Rig