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Charlie Rig

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Chas Stamm


The "Charlie Rig" is an11 inch black Mr. Twister Phenom worm with a red firetail tipped with a with a sandworm.  We fish the bottom.  All our fish come off the bottom.   I had developed this rig to a point where I'd be catching fish and the other guys on my boat would ask to see "Charlie's Rig.  Let me try that one." 

It developed over the years to be called the Charlie Rig. You know I'm sort of proud of that rig!  I have developed some specialties  to make it unique.  I catch bass, blues, fluke, and weakfish on that rig.  Here are some lengthy details but you can simplify them to what you want.


It's a long black rubber worm with a red firetail.  An 11 inch Mr. Twister Phenom worm. I thread the plastic worm on a hook just like largemouth bass fishing.  Have the hook come out of the "band".  It should be hanging straight down with out any twists or angles. On that you put a sandworm.  Hooked through the head.   Let the worm hang down next to the plastic worm.  Use that off a three way swivel.

Have about a 30 or 40 inch leader to the hook.  Have a shorter line to a bank sinker.  You need the hook leader longer than the sinker line so it does not get twisted up.

Drift that along the bottom.  Feeling the bottom tap-tap as you go along with the current. 

You have to adjust the size sinker for your conditions. I also tie an overhand knot just above the sinker creating a weak spot so I don't loose the whole rig when I get hung up.  Just tie on a new sinker.

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We fish everywhere from 12 feet to 50 feet deep. Because of that, I use spider wire to the three way swivel. No stretch in the line. Very good feel of the bottom.  But not very forgiving when hooking the fish.  Often times you will pull the hook right out of the fishes mouth.

For that, I  use a Varivas RTE shock leader to the hook.   This product stretches allot.  A real lot.    Makes it so you loose less fish do to the "non stretch" of the braided line.  The Varivas give the forgiveness so you do not pull the hook out of the fishes mouth.

I use RTE 50 lb Shock leader to the hook.  You could use 30.   You can get it at  M&M Tackle in Jersey City.  100 Marrin Boulevard. That's the only place I know to get the stuff.   They do have a web site you can buy the stuff from.
Make sure it's the RTE. ( Return to Earth  ... biodegradable )   I like that anyway. The RTE stretches more than other shock leader material. If you don't have this stuff use another monofiliment leader material.  It will still give some forgiveness.

Let me know if you are as successful with this rig as I have been.

Chas  <'////><

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HRFA Member "Kenny C" uses this rig!

HRFA Member Joe Curvino Believes in this bait.

Joe chas rig.JPG (43303 bytes)

In fact Joe named it! 

He was the original guy who said, "Let me try one of Charlie's Rig."

Feedback from people turned on to the Charlie Rig...

October 2003...Tony Liscio here from Nanuet, NY. Myself, Tony Ronchetti(my father-in-law)Wayne,NJ, Darryl Musto(brother in-law) Butler,NJ Mike Rodriguez, Nanuet, and George Raboni, also from Nanuet sailed out of Haverstraw Marina aboard my boat The Ava Alexa and enjoyed a spectactular October day of Big City fishing.(You gotta love it) East River was the location and Stripers were on the Lowrance. We were successful at landing two nice fish both over 30 inches with several runoffsand two lost at the boat. Charlie rigs punched the ticket(I finally found the Phenoms) with flourescent yellow tail. Here are some pics and could you please send me another application.

10/24/03   Chas fished with HRFA member Barry Davis today for a cold and windy day of fishing in the East River.  Chas and Barry landed about 4 or 5 bass each with the largest being 23 pounds and 39 inches.  All the bass were very fat fish.   healthy looking fish.  One bluefish came to the boat which was about ten pounds. Charlie Rigs were used to catch all the fish as that is the only bait we brought!   Check out this photo... Barry Davis web 23lb 10-03.JPG (37321 bytes)

9/03   Fished with HRFA director Chas Stamm and Leo Genese. We had a great time and caught three large stripers. The Charlie Rig was used and continues to be the best catcher rig in the area. The fish I caught was the largest striper I ever caught and was very healthy. The water visibility was about five feet and I have never seen the river cleaner then it has been lately. Get out there and fish before it is too late.       Roger



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