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Belize  Fishing

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The best thing about this country is the hospitality.

I did not have a great time fishing in Belize.

The snorkeling was great and it is a good place to take the wives as there is plenty of shopping to be done in town.  We stayed at Ambergris Key.  Bonefish on the flats and Jacks off the reefs but not much else.  Paid some pretty good money for guides for three days but small fish was all to be had.
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Strong fish but this was the biggest we got!

For three days of fishing, this was all we had to show for it.

We were told we had one of the best guides on the island.

I would not use these guys again or recommend them.

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This was a surprisingly strong little fish

Plenty of them but wish they were bigger

Bring plenty of bug spray if you go to Belize as this is a tropical rainforest.

Bugs...tiny "no see-ums" are everywhere.

Belize has some great exotic species.  I did not book my trip with a fishing expert. I did not book my guides from reports from other anglers but on the hotel recommendations.  If going there again, I would book the guides differently.   This country has a lot of fishing to be had.  Just not with the guides I used.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you don't.  No matter how much you spend on a fishing trip, once in a while it can go sour.   Chas   <'////><