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Alaska .
For the last week in June through the end of the first week in July, I visited Juneau, Fairbanks, Copper Center and Anchorage Alaska.  On the way home we stopped in Seattle Washington and I fished there as well.

I was looking for salmon.   A big salmon.  That would mean King salmon or also known as Chinook salmon.   The kings give you the best tug on the line.  The best fight.   The best meat would probably be in the Sockeye or the Silvers but I was looking for the kings. 

Halibut is like bringing up a Volkswagen and I was not interested in that.

Juneau gives you Kings in the 15 to 30 pound range.  Great for eating but if you want trophy salmon, you need to go elsewhere.   This was my first trip to Alaska and I wish I'd have known this little fact before I booked a fishing guide in Juneau. 

Images on the internet promote the biggest catches these guides get.  You need to find out what is the average size they get.


Juneau provided fishing for King Salmon that I would not recommend.   The guides, although we caught fish, did not stray more than 100 yards from the marina. 

If you are looking for an Alaskan experience of salmon fishing, I would not fish in Juneau.  If you want fish for the table, this place is OK.  Still cheaper to buy your salmon at the fish store.

See these docks in the background?  Never left them!  These fish were caught right here.  Didn't need to pay for a boat.

I used Orca Enterprises to book this trip. 

I would not recommend them.


Copper City, Alaska

This place was recommended by a resident of Alaska for BIG Salmon.  Kings.   Chinook salmon in the 50 pound range.  I'm sure there are other places in Alaska but this was the only place I found.  Just a little southeast of Anchorage, This river puts some big salmon on your line.

Web Chas Alaska 45 Salmon2 close.jpg (52246 bytes)

This was the Alaskan Adventure I was looking for!  Take a small 20 foot aluminum boat with a 350 Chevy engine...put in a jet drive and ride up the rapids to a spot that holds big fish.  It is a bit "Rustic" but there are luxury accommodations and more economical accommodations nearby.

This was the 45 pound salmon I caught on this trip.

King for a Day Charters ... The downside of this fishery is the restrictions on all of the King or (Chinook) Salmon.  The rules change from location to location throughout Alaska. Mostly because of Indian or Eskimo tribes in the area.  Different tribe dictates different rules for fishing.

web dano chas 2 salmonweb.jpg (117134 bytes)

Bugs an mosquitoes were not a problem.  The bug spray I took up there took care of keeping all the mosquitoes of me. 

It did Rain.  Always be prepared for rain in Alaska.

In Copper Center, one king per angler per day.   In Seattle Washington, you are not allowed to keep any kings.  You can't even bring them on board the boat for a photo.  That sucked.  Here in Copper City at least you could keep one for food and a photo.

King for a Day provides the boots and tackle for you.  They are a campground and fish camp.  Pretty rustic but that is what an Alaskan adventure is.  We did not stay at the campground.  We stayed overnight in a pretty fancy hotel nearby and met our guide at the campground in the morning.

Check your rules before signing up for that charter. 

To get a 50 pounder and not be able to have a photo would really suck.


King For A Day Charters And Campground
Mile 100.5 Richardson Hwy.
Copper Center Ak,
Ph# (907) 822-3092